Department 56 Snow Village Welcoming Christmas Gift Set

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Department 56 combines different types of light to create the double-lit effect of candles in each window. Includes Accessory "Door to Door Caroling"

When it comes to holiday decorations, bigger is not always better. Sometimes the prettiest house on the block is the one with a candle in every window. The soft glow highlighting the architecture is the perfect complement to a starlight winter night.

This theme depicts a wonderful old-world tradition of leaving a candle in the window as a welcome sign. The soft glow illuminating a frosty pane acts as a beacon, a gentle signal "We're waiting for you." Harking on traditions from the past, warm candlelit announce this home is ready for the holidays - a sign to welcome friends and loved ones. The family heads outside with candles in hand to illuminate their way...It's a perfect evening for the fun-filled tradition of caroling around the neighborhood.

Measures 7.09 in H