Crab Shell Santa Hilton Head Ornament

Crab Shell Santa Hilton Head Ornament

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Crab Shell Santa Hilton Head Ornament has Hilton Head written on the back.

  • Hand-painted
  • Hilton Head is written on the back.
  • Crab shell size approx. 6.5 x .5 x 3

Despite its fearsome appearance and aggressive nature, the blue crab is greatly cherished in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Blue crabs require both inshore brackish waters and high salinity ocean waters to complete their life cycle. They range from Massachusetts to Texas, and occasionally north to Nova Scotia and south to Uruguay.

Although other small swimming crabs in this family occur locally, only the blue crab has any commercial or recreational importance in South Carolina.

The blue crab’s scientific name, Callinectes sapidus, translates to “savory beautiful swimmer.”

Large males have brilliant blue claws and legs. The mature females have bright orange tips on their claws.

Males, larger than females, reach seven or eight inches across the shell from point to point.

Males have a T-shaped abdomen held tightly against the underside of the body until maturity when it becomes somewhat free. The immature female has a triangle shaped abdomen tightly sealed against the body.

The mature female’s abdomen becomes rounded.

Blue crabs have five pairs of legs and can walk as well as swim. Three pairs of thin walking legs propel blue crabs sideways, as they clear a path with their sharp lateral spines.

The large, powerful claws are used for food gathering, defense and digging. Blue crabs can inflict severe injury if not handled properly.