Seahorse Dish by Mara Beskin




Seahorse Dish by Mara Beskin

Hand Crafted Locally by Mara Beskin for this store exclusively!

Pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful these dishes are!

These beautiful works of art can be used as soap dishes or a potpourri dish! Use it to hold your jewelry at your bedside or in your bathroom! Put this piece out on it’s own and see how many compliments you get! Words cannot describe how beautiful these are! Every piece is different and beautiful in a different way. Not intended for food use.

RAKU is a method of firing pottery which originated in Japan hundreds of years ago. Each piece is fired at least twice, first in and electric kiln and then again in a gas kiln. The piece is immediately removed red hot and placed in a metal can with combustible material such as paper and/or sawdust. The combustible material ignites and the container is then sealed with alid. This produces an intense reduction atmosphere which creates very unique and somewhat unpredictable metallic luster and crackled works of art!!!


In the western style of raku firing, the aluminum container acts as a reduction tube, which is a container that allows the carbon dioxide to pass through a small hole. A reduction atmosphere is created by closing the container. A reduction atmosphere induces a reaction between oxygen and the clay minerals, which affects the color. It also affects the metal elements of the glaze. Reduction is a decrease in oxidation number. Closing the can reduces the oxygen content after the combustible materials such as sawdust catch fire and forces the reaction to pull oxygen from the glazes and the clay miner als. For example, luster gets its color from deprivation of oxygen. The reduction agent is a substance from which electrons are being taken by another substance. The reaction uses oxygen from the atmosphere within the reduction tube, and, to continue, it receives the rest of the oxygen from the glazes. This leaves ions and iridescent luster behind. This creates a metallic effect. Pieces with no glaze have nowhere to get the oxygen from, so they take it from clay minerals. This atmosphere will turn clay black, making a matte color.



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