Black Lab Glass Ornament


Black Lab Glass Ornament

Mouth-blown glass

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Size: 3 ½”

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Black Lab Glass Ornament by Old World

Dogs selflessly give humans their unconditional love and loyalty. Throughout history, dogs have been faithful friends and workmates, even giving their lives to protect or rescue their owners. No wonder dogs are considered “man’s best friend.”

This mouth-blown glass Black Lab ornament is perfectly accented with brown glitter on the chest, ears, tail, and feet.

An ideal sporting and family dog, the Labrador Retriever thrives as part of an active family or as a trusted hunting companion. A double-coated breed which sheds seasonally, regular grooming keeps his coat at its water-resistant best. Because of his even temperament and trainability millions of Americans own a Labrador Retriever as a pet.

Once known as the “St John’s Dogs,” the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the US. The Lab is native to Newfoundland, where it worked side by side with fishermen catching fish that came loose from the lines and trained to jump into the icy waters to help pull in the nets. Specimens were brought to England in the 1800s by English ships coming from Labrador. The breed was crossed with setters, spaniels and other types of retrievers to improve its instincts as a hunter. The Labrador is highly trainable and is not only popular as a family companion but also excels in: hunting, tracking, retrieving, watchdog, police work, narcotics detection, guide for the blind, service dog for the disabled, search and rescue, sledding, carting, agility, field trial competitor and competitive obedience.

The Merck Family’s Old World Christmas was founded by Tim and Beth Merck, a couple who shared a love for Christmas, especially its rich traditions in the European style. The Mercks are credited with revitalizing the art of mouth-blown fine glass ornaments as a result of their reintroducing figural designs to the United States in 1979. Today, The Merck Family’s Old World Christmas is one of the leading distributors of the world’s most extensive and best-loved collections of mouth-blown figure glass ornaments, vintage style night lights and nostalgic greeting cards.

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