Bell Ringer Elf Mark Roberts



11″ Tall

Face and hands made of resin.

Mark Roberts pieces are handcrafted and painted by skilled artisans.

Each Fairy is wired to allow changing the pose.

The fairy has a clear cord to use it as an ornament or pose it as if it were flying.

All Fairies are numbered and come boxed with a certificate of authenticity.


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Bell Ringer Elf Mark Roberts

The Bell Ringer Elf’s hat is topped off with (of corse) a big bell! His hat is red and has an inch this gold sparkly trimming with three holly leaves on it. On top of the holly is a red bow with three green beads on it. His face is made of resin and he’s winking at you! His beard and hair has some glitter in it for a little glitz! His shirt had gold sleeves and the rest of his shirt had a checkered pattern with each check outlined in a squiggly gold line. Some of the checks are light green, some dark green, some red, and some tan. The same holly arrangement that is on his hat is also on his shirt, right in the middle. There are bells at the bottom tips of his shirt. His pants are red , his shoes green. His shoes have a green trim with a bow and red beads at the tops.

Each fairy comes with a Registration & Certificate of Authenticity card. Why should you register your fairy?? It will increase the ultimate value of your purchase by registering your name as the original purchaser; you could get free gifts and possible prizes; get a free Mark Roberts calendar whenever published; when you register 2 within 2 years, you will get a sneak-preview catalog for upcoming releases.

How does Mark come up with these ideas for fairies? “Ideas come from everywhere! A lot of inspiration comes from family traditions”

Where does Mark find so many neat fabrics? “Having a history with many suppliers.”

Displaying fairies is where your imagination comes in! Because the fairies are so flexible, you could sit them on a ledge with their legs crossed, flying from a chandelier, or decorating a tree! There are tons of possibilities!

© Mark Roberts