Gullah Gourmet on Hilton Head


Gullah Gourmet
Gullah Gourmet for a taste of the south.

Each bag of Gullah Gourmet is a Lowcountry favorite recipe made easy! You can make gourmet Lowcountry meals, breads, dips, and desserts, just by adding one or two items…and sometimes that’s simply water! Directions for preparing are written in the traditional Gullah dialect. A real taste of Hilton Head Island. 

Today’s Gullah community is a direct descendant of black immigrants from the West African coast. The Gullah have been able to pass their beliefs, traditions and language down through the generations.

It is a people, a language, and a culture that have survived through years of slavery, oppression and development. Even today, the Gullah of South Carolina and Georgia is a kindred people sharing many common elements of speech, custom, culture and cuisine. Read more Gullah Heritage.

Choices Include:

She Crab Soup:

Just add water & crab meat! Be forewarned skeptics this soup, although in a powdered form, is soooooooooooo delicious.

Gullah Gullah Gumbo:

This scrumptious gumbo can be made with just water, shrimp & rice!

Aunt Jackie’s Jumbalaya:

Add chicken or sausage, even shrimp if you want! Cook it up & serve it with Aunt Maggie’s sweet cornbread for a meal your family will beg for!

Aunt Maggie’s Sweet Cornbread:

This tastes real good! Serve it with everything you can think of!

Lazy Afternoon Crab Dip:

Throwing a party? Lazy weekend at home? Just add mayo, crab meat, & sour cream for a delightful snacking dish!

Shrimp Dippin’ Thing:

Go out and cast your net! This shrimp dip has plenty of fans, enjoy ’em and share ’em wit ya friends!

Geechie Peachie Cobbla:

An easy but delicious dessert. Make it quick and enjoy time with your family!

Cool Hand Cuke:

A delicious low fat Vidalia Onion & cucumber dressing. Great with vegetables. Ready to eat!